News Coverage & Reporting Masterclass

Course Overview:

This course provides aspiring journalists with the essential skills and techniques required to cover news stories and produce accurate, engaging, and informative news reports. Participants will learn the principles of news gathering, writing, and ethical considerations in journalism.


Online & In Person

  • Real-world examples and case studies.
  • Practical assignments and exercises to apply learned techniques.
  • Live Q & A sessions with experienced TV presenters.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration through discussion forums.
  • On-camera practice sessions for hands-on experience.


Module 1: Introduction to News Reporting

  • Understanding the role of news reporting in journalism
  • Exploring the characteristics of newsworthiness
  • Differentiating between news and feature stories

Module 2: News Gathering Techniques

  • Conducting effective interviews: Preparation, questioning techniques, and active listening
  • Research methods for finding reliable sources and information
  • Utilizing online resources and social media for news gathering

Module 3: News Writing Basics

  • The inverted pyramid structure: Writing clear and concise leads
  • Crafting engaging headlines and subheadings
  • Developing the body of the news story with essential details

Module 4: Attribution and Sourcing

  • Properly attributing information and quotes
  • Distinguishing between on-the-record, off-the-record, and background information
  • Ensuring accuracy and credibility in news reporting

Module 5: Structuring a News Story

  • Organizing information logically for maximum impact
  • Incorporating the 5 W’s and H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
  • Using quotes, anecdotes, and statistics to enhance the story

Module 6: Writing for Different Platforms

  • Adapting news writing for print, online, and broadcast formats
  • Writing news articles, blog posts, and social media updates
  • Understanding the nuances of radio and television news scripts

Module 7: Ethical Considerations in News Reporting

  • Upholding journalistic ethics and standards
  • Handling sensitive information and privacy concerns
  • Addressing biases and maintaining objectivity in reporting

Module 8: Covering Breaking News

  • Techniques for reporting on fast-paced and developing stories
  • Managing information flow and updating news content in real-time
  • Balancing accuracy and speed during breaking news coverage

Module 9: Investigative Journalism

  • Introduction to investigative reporting techniques
  • Uncovering hidden information, data analysis, and fact-checking
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in investigative stories

Module 4: News Reporting in Multimedia

  • Incorporating visuals, images, and videos in news stories
  • Principles of multimedia storytelling for online platforms
  • Collaborating with photographers and videographers for compelling news coverage

Module 10: Editing and Proofreading

  • Reviewing and refining news stories for accuracy and clarity
  • The role of editors in enhancing the quality of news content
  • Proofreading techniques for error-free reporting

Module 11: News Report Production

  • Preparing news reports for broadcast: Scripting, voiceovers, and visuals
  • Assembling print and online news stories with proper formatting
  • Publishing and disseminating news reports through various channels


  • Quizzes and assessments on each module
  • News story assignments: Gathering, writing, and submitting news reports
  • Breaking news simulation: Real-time reporting on a developing story
  • Investigative journalism project: Researching and producing an in-depth investigative piece


Upon successful completion of the course and assessments, participants will receive a certificate in “News Coverage and Reporting Masterclass.”

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  • News Coverage & Reporting Masterclass
  • Online & In Person
  • 16-18 OCT. .2023
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