Our Facilitators

The School of Innovative Media is proud to be associated with its lineup of facilitators who are experts in various fields of media, a testament to the school’s commitment to providing high-quality training preparing students for success in the media industry.

Their expertise and distinguished achievements in their respective businesses and endeavors undoubtedly brings valuable knowledge and insights with practical experiences that greatly enhance learning, providing students with real-world perspectives and industry best practices.

Vivian Akinyosoye is a highly experienced broadcast journalist with an impressive career spanning over 22 years. She embarked on her broadcasting journey in 1999 as a Freelance Radio Newscaster at the Voice of Ekiti Broadcasting Service in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Her passion for television broadcasting led her to join Channels Television in Lagos as a Youth Corp Member in 2000, which marked the beginning of her rewarding experience in the industry.

Professional Experience Throughout her career, Vivian has held notable positions in various media organizations. She served as a Senior Business Correspondent and News Anchor at Silverbird Television in Lagos, Nigeria, and also worked at Almond Communications in Lagos. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Partner at 360 Network Limited, a media and broadcast organization based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Education and Qualifications Vivian Akinyosoye possesses a strong educational background that complements her expertise in the field. She holds a combined Honors degree in English Language and Education. Additionally, she has a Master’s Degree in International Law & Diplomacy and a Diploma in Television Production and Management from the London Academy of Film Media and Television. She has also obtained a certificate in Public Relations from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (N.I.P.R).

Notable Works and Specialties Vivian’s contributions to the broadcasting industry are diverse and impactful. She created the program “Aviation This Week” in 2004, which aired on NTA 2 Channel 5 in Lagos, Nigeria. She also played a key role in the production of “101Business TV Show,” an entrepreneurship and business development program, in 2010. Another notable program she worked on is “Destination Business,” a business travel TV magazine program.

Vivian Akinyosoye’s specialties encompass various aspects of media and broadcasting. She has expertise in TV and radio production, media consulting, public relations, reputation management, TV content development, scriptwriting, entrepreneurship development, and motivational speaking.

With her wealth of experience, educational qualifications, and diverse skill set, Vivian has made significant contributions to the field of broadcast journalism. Her dedication to producing high-quality content and her ability to engage and inspire audiences have solidified her position as a respected professional in the industry.

Emmanuel Okara is an Editor with a distinguished career in the media industry. With a strong background in news writing, editing, feature writing, and journalism, he has made significant contributions to the field of Media and Communications. He holds a BA (HONS) degree in History from the University of Port Harcourt, further enhancing his knowledge and expertise.

Professional Experience Emmanuel Okara has an extensive career history with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), where he has held various roles over the years. Since July 2010, he has served as a Senior Editor/Chief Correspondent based in Lagos, Nigeria. In this role, he has been responsible for processing and editing news, engaging in creative writing, and mentoring budding reporters. Additionally, he has held the position of Principal Correspondent/Editor, where he has been involved in generating news ideas, writing news features and press releases, and covering local and international sports events.

Notable Achievements Throughout his tenure at the News Agency of Nigeria, Emmanuel Okara has showcased his skills and expertise in journalism. He has excelled in sourcing and generating news stories, providing coverage of live events, writing features and news analysis, and carrying out editing tasks. He has also played a crucial role in mentoring upcoming reporters and fostering their growth in the industry.

Skills and Specialties Emmanuel Okara possesses a range of skills that have contributed to his success in the media production industry. He is highly skilled in news writing, breaking news coverage, editing, feature writing, and journalism. His ability to produce high-quality content and effectively communicate information has made him a valuable asset in his field.

Emmanuel Okara’s experience and expertise as an Editor-at-Large demonstrate his dedication to the media production industry. His commitment to producing accurate, engaging, and informative news content has contributed to his reputation as a strong media and communication professional.

Yomi Adegboye is a highly experienced specialist in content marketing, SEO, and web development, with a career that dates back to 2001 when GSM technology was introduced in Nigeria. His passion for mobile phones and technology led him to create WAP sites in the early days of mobile-friendly websites using HDML/WML.

Mobile Phone Expertise Yomi’s journey into the mobile industry began in 2004 when he started writing about phones, and he has been deeply engaged in the field ever since. Over the years, he has owned and extensively used over 200 devices, spanning various operating systems such as Symbian, Palm, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/BB10, webOS, Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu Touch, Android, iOS, and KaiOS.

Founder of Mobility Blogs Yomi Adegboye is the founder of two influential mobility blogs – Mobility Nigeria and MobilityArena. Through his platforms, he has become widely known as “Mister Mobility” or “Mister Mo.” On MobilityArena, Yomi blogs about mobile phones, accessories, apps, services, and connected cars, while on Mobility Nigeria, he provides valuable information specifically tailored to Nigerian phone users.

Collaborations with Prominent Brands Throughout his career, Yomi has collaborated with numerous well-known brands in the mobile industry. Some of the brands he has worked with include Nokia Mobile, OPPO, TECNO, Infinix, itel, Microsoft, Ntel, Africa Reinsurance, DStv, Nescafe Africa, University of Lagos, GTBank, and Unity Bank, among others. His collaborations have allowed him to contribute to brand awareness, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

Educational Background and Other Ventures Yomi Adegboye holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Design/Architecture, showcasing his diverse academic pursuits. In addition to his work in the mobile industry, he has served as a Publisher and Managing Director at CPAfrica Nigeria, further expanding his influence in the Nigerian media landscape.

Yomi’s expertise, vast experience, and deep knowledge of the mobile industry have made him a trusted authority in the field. His contributions through Mobility Nigeria and MobilityArena have been instrumental in providing valuable information and insights to mobile phone enthusiasts and Nigerian users alike.

Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa, FCAI, is a prominent entrepreneur and the Founder of Business IQ Africa, a renowned brand dedicated to supporting African entrepreneurs and Africans in the diaspora. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he has played a pivotal role in helping over a thousand entrepreneurs establish successful and profitable businesses.

Education and Expertise Alfred holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, which has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of business, management, marketing, and related support services. His educational background has laid a strong foundation for his career in assisting businesses in various aspects, from strategic planning to marketing and brand positioning.

Founder of Business IQ Africa As the Founder of Business IQ Africa, Alfred has built one of Africa’s most prominent brands aimed at empowering entrepreneurs across the continent and in the diaspora. Through his organization, he provides valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance to aspiring and established entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of building and scaling successful businesses.

Supporting African Entrepreneurs Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa’s dedication to supporting African entrepreneurs has made a significant impact on the business landscape. His extensive experience and insights have enabled him to identify and address the specific needs and challenges faced by African entrepreneurs, ranging from access to capital to market positioning.

Brand Positioning and Marketing Expertise With a deep understanding of marketing strategies, Alfred has assisted numerous businesses in effectively positioning their brands to capture the right audience. He possesses a keen eye for identifying unique selling points and leveraging them to drive growth and profitability. His expertise in marketing has proven invaluable in helping businesses achieve their goals and establish a strong market presence.

Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa’s accomplishments as an entrepreneur and his commitment to empowering African entrepreneurs have solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the business community. Through Business IQ Africa, he continues to make a significant impact by providing valuable resources, mentorship, and support to entrepreneurs across Africa and beyond.

He is a renowned creator and creative director who has made significant contributions to the television industry. He is best known as the mastermind behind G-Planet, an acclaimed gospel TV show that has featured interviews with several gospel music icons. Among the notable guests on the show were the late Sammy Okposo, Mike Aremu, Segun Obe, Folake Umose, Rugged n Righteous, Nathaniel Bassey, Eben, Jahdiel, Ebitayo Jeje, Infinity, Wole Oni, Lara George, and DJ Gosporella, to name just a few. G-Planet gained widespread popularity through its broadcasts on HiTV in Nigeria and the US, as well as on Ben TV in the UK and Dove media, reaching audiences in over thirty African countries.

Alfred Ade-Ijimakinwa also created and served as the creative director of Divas Dynasty, a TV show that showcased successful women in Nigeria. The program aired in both Nigeria and the United States, and it provided a platform for interviews with prominent personalities such as Joke Silva Jacob, Joan Okorodudu, Funke Bucknor, and many others. Although there are several more notable individuals who were featured on Divas Dynasty, their names currently elude my memory.

Tosin Adeleye is a seasoned and highly experienced video journalist with a career spanning several decades. He began his journey in the late 90’s as a television programs editor and a documentary videographer, and since then, his productions have taken him to various locations around the world.

Education and Early Career After obtaining his first degree in computer science from Ondo State University in 1995, Tosin Adeleye pursued further training at the 3D Wildlife Film School in South Africa. It was there that he honed his skills as an editor and videographer, specializing in wildlife documentaries.

Professional Journey Tosin joined the Nigeria Television Authority Network Headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, in the year 2000. He started as a Documentary and TV program’s editor and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional editing skills.

In 2003, Tosin Adeleye’s talent and dedication led him to be promoted to the position of Production Director in the Programs and News department. During this time, he worked on various television programs, shaping their visual storytelling and ensuring high production quality.

Notable Achievements In October 2003, Tosin had the opportunity to contribute to a significant event in Nigerian sports history. He worked as a camera operator and editor at the COJA All African Games held in Abuja, Nigeria, capturing the essence of the games through his lens.

In December 2003, Tosin Adeleye served as the Director 3 for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), where he had the privilege of directing coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Abuja, Nigeria. This experience showcased his ability to handle high-profile events and deliver exceptional video content.

Continued Success In August 2004, Tosin Adeleye worked as an editor on Globacom’s one-year documentary, which highlighted the company’s operations. Throughout his career, he has continued to evolve and define his space as a skilled cinematographer and video journalist.

With his wealth of experience, Tosin Adeleye has established himself as a reliable and talented professional in the industry. His dedication to visual storytelling and his ability to capture compelling footage have made him a sought-after video journalist, both locally and internationally.