Documentary Film Production Masterclass

Course Title: Documentary Film Production Masterclass


This comprehensive masterclass is designed for individuals aspiring to create compelling and impactful documentary films. Participants will explore the entire documentary filmmaking process, from concept development to post-production, and gain practical skills to produce thought-provoking and visually captivating documentaries.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have a solid foundation in documentary film production, from concept development to post-production. They will gain the necessary skills to research, plan, shoot, and edit documentaries, as well as navigate the ethical and legal considerations in the field. Participants will also develop a critical understanding of documentary storytelling techniques and the ability to create impactful and engaging documentaries.


In Person

  • Real-world examples and case studies.
  • Practical assignments and exercises to apply learned techniques.
  • Live Q & A sessions with experienced TV presenters.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration through discussion forums.
  • On-camera practice sessions for hands-on experience.


Module 1: Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking

  • Understanding the essence and power of documentary storytelling
  • Exploring the history and evolution of documentary filmmaking
  • Identifying different documentary genres and styles

Module 2: Pre-production Planning and Research

  • Defining the documentary concept, theme, and message
  • Conducting thorough research and selecting a compelling subject
  • Creating a documentary proposal and treatment

Module 3: Story Development and Structure

  • Crafting a strong narrative arc for your documentary
  • Exploring different storytelling structures and approaches
  • Developing a compelling protagonist and supporting characters

Module 4: Visual Language and Cinematography

  • Understanding visual storytelling techniques in documentaries
  • Exploring camera techniques, shot composition, and framing
  • Capturing compelling interviews and B-roll footage

Module 5: Interview Techniques and Research

  • Conducting effective interviews to gather authentic stories
  • Preparing interview questions and creating a comfortable environment
  • Techniques for capturing emotional and impactful interviews

Module 6: Directing and Production Process

  • Managing the production process, crew, and schedule
  • Directing interviewees and subjects for authenticity
  • Capturing documentary footage in different settings and conditions

Module 7: Ethical Considerations and Legalities

  • Addressing ethical challenges in documentary filmmaking
  • Obtaining release forms and permissions for interviews and footage
  • Respecting the privacy and cultural sensitivities of subjects

Module 8: Post-Production and Editing

  • Organizing and managing documentary footage
  • Crafting the documentary’s narrative in the editing process

Using pacing, rhythm, and transitions to enhance storytelling

Module 9: Sound Design and Music

  • Utilizing sound to enhance the documentary’s emotional impact
  • Incorporating ambient sound, narration, and music
  • Working with sound designers and composers

Module 10: Visual Effects and Animation

  • Incorporating visual effects and animations for visual engagement
  • Using graphics, maps, and animations to explain complex concepts
  • Collaborating with visual effects artists and animators

Module 11: Color Grading and Visual Style

  • Enhancing the visual aesthetics through color grading
  • Establishing a consistent visual style and tone
  • Creating mood and atmosphere through color correction

Module 12: Distribution and Exhibition

  • Exploring distribution options for documentary films
  • Preparing the documentary for film festivals, screenings, and online platforms
  • Marketing and promoting the documentary to reach a wider audience

Module 13: Case Studies and Guest Speakers

  • Analyzing successful documentary films and case studies
  • Inviting guest speakers, experienced filmmakers, and industry experts
  • Learning from real-world experiences and insights

Final Project:

Participants will plan, produce, and edit their own short documentary film

The final documentary will be screened and evaluated by instructors and peers


Assignments on each module

Practical exercises:

  • Pre-production planning, interview techniques, editing, etc.
  • Final documentary project evaluation


Upon successful completion of the course and final documentary project, participants will receive a certificate in “Documentary Film Production Masterclass.”

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  • Documentary Film Production Masterclass
  • In Person
  • 9th – 13 OCT.2023
  • N150,000.00
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